26 August 2020 (Wednesday)


On behalf of the ICOS 2020 Organizing Committee we would like to invite your for Conference Tours prepared for all conference participants.

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For any inquires please contact the JORDAN Congress Bureau: barbara.czerw@jordan.pl. 

All tours are guided in English


Price: 150 PLN / person

The price includes: guided tour, entrance tickets to museums.

Minimum number of people: 15

Duration: 4 hours 
Pick up time: 10.00

Additional information: as the tour involves walking, please be wearing comfortable shoes.

For over a thousand years, Krakow has been the centre of science, culture and art in Poland. Proposed sightseeing tour is a fine introduction to this historic city. Our tour will begin with a short walk to the Wawel Hill ( Royal Castle ) where guests will visit the former residence of Polish Kings and Queens and also a Royal Cathedral. After that guests will walk along the Royal Route to the Main Market Square which is a heart of the city with its medieval and Renaissance monuments. During the tour we will also visit National Museum to take a look at the only Leonardo Da Vinci painting in Poland: Lady with Ermine. 


Price: 150 PLN / person

The price includes: tour with a licensed guide, tickets to the Synagogue, the Remuh Cemetery

Minimum number of people: 15

Duration: 4 hours 
Pick up time: 10.30

Additional information: as the tour involves walking, please be wearing comfortable shoes. 

For many centuries Jews played their part in creating the history and culture of the city of Kroke, as Kraków is known in Yiddish. Before World War II they made up as much as 25% of the city's population. A tour around Kazimierz - the former Jewish district, preserved in excellent condition until today - will introduce you to the world of their rich culture, customs and history. It was there that the renowned philosopher Mojżesz Isserles (called Remuh) taught, Helena Rubinstein was born, who is considered to have been one of the richest women in the world, and the esteemed director, actor and screenwriter Roman Polanski spent his childhood. The old Jewish district, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978, became an even more recognisable landmark in Europe following the release of the famous "Schindler's List". You will be introduced to the history of the extermination of the Jews of Kraków, which is the background for the events described in the Spielberg's film, as you will be wandering the streets of the former ghetto. That is the place where Jews were locked up during World War II, and they were sent to death camps from there. The story of World War II mingles with everyday life there, and private life with the tragedy that affected the whole world.

   KRAKÓW FOOD TOUR - walking tour

Price: 350 PLN / person

The price includes: local English-speaking guide, appetizer, first and second course, local snack, 2 traditional alcoholic beverages (1 beer, 1 vodka shot), local fruit drink.

Duration: 3,5 hours
Pick up time: 18.00

Additional informations: as the tour involves walking for the most part, please be wearing comfortable shoes. 

Learn about Kraków through the best local restaurants and bars on this walking tour of traditional Polish food and historical monuments. After all, the best way to understand how to live a local is to eat like a local! Get your first taste of Polish cuisine and local beer over a discussion on Polish gastronomy in Small Market Square. From there we head to Rynek Main Market Square, the vibrant historical heart of Kraków, to visit to another fabulous hidden gem for a taste of a soup so good they hold an annual festival for it. Get your cameras out as we walk along Royal Way and catch the best panoramic view of the Royal Castle and Cathedral. Our Kraków food tour continues with an education in a national culinary treasure - pierogies! If you think you've had perogies, just wait until you get your paws on actual pierogies. That extra ‘i' makes all the difference. Trust. With our belly full of Polish delicacies, we'll walk through Kazimierz - formerly the Jewish quarter, a neighbourhood that has blossomed into a buzzing Bohemian mecca of unique restaurants, bars, and shops. We revisit the district's roots with a taste of the local Jewish cuisine, a shot of Bison vodka, and a listen to the live music that spills out of every restaurant on the main street. At the end of our Kraków tour, you'll probably be pretty tempted to stick around Kazimierz, but you're also welcome to walk back to the city centre with us. Regardless, be sure to ask your local guide for a rundown of the best hidden haunts to spend the rest of a magical evening in Kraków. Also if you decide to stay around Kazimierz we strongly recommend to grab a bite of these classic polish snacks  shown on the photo below.


Price: 190 PLN / person

The price includes: tour guide assistance, guided tour, entrance ticket, leaving the mine in a lift after the tour, headset to hear the guide clearly, transportation.

Minimum number of people: 10

Duration: 4 hours 
Pick up time: 10.00

Additional information: The temperature underground is between 14oC and 16oC. Please bring warm clothing and be wearing comfortable footwear. 

Going down the 380 steps into the salt mine you may have the impression of entering a magical underground city, full of mysterious caves, amazing underground lakes, majestic designs and unique salt carvings. The tourist route in the Salt Mine, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978, is almost 3 km long and consist of winding corridors, 800 steps and a descend to a depth of 135 metres underground. It begins at the Daniłowicz Shaft, where the visitors meet their guide who, while showing them around, will tell them about the history and secrets of the mine, forces of nature that rule the mine, and the ethos of hard work of many generations of miners. Going down deeper and deeper, the visitors will see unusual places, take pleasure in watching the light spectacle on the banks of one of the saline lakes, and learn the famous legend of Princess Kinga, who brought a wealth of salt into the Polish soil. In the middle of the route there is St. Kinga's Chapel, a wonderful chapel dedicated to the patron saint of salt miners, decorated with extraordinary salt artworks.



Price: 220 PLN / person

The price includes: tour guide assistance, documentary film, guided tour around Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau, headphones, transportation, lunch.

Minimum number of people: 15

Duration: 8 hours 
Pick up time: 8.00

Additional information: The visit to Museum takes approx. 3,5 hours. There is a 15-minute break during the tour, we recommend taking something to eat. 

The tour of the Museum, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978, comprises both parts of the former concentration camp - Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau - and a documentary film presenting the first moments after the camp was liberated. The Auschwitz camp has become a symbol of terror, genocide and the Holocaust. It was established by the Nazis in 1940 in the suburbs of the city of Auschwitz, which was integrated into the Third Reich. Today, on the area of approx. 200 hectares you can see preserved ruins of the gas chambers and places filled with human ashes, primitive barracks for prisoners and miles of the camp fence and roads.

IMPORTANT: Photography and filming on the Museum grounds is permitted exclusively for private, personal use. Persons under the influence of alcohol or any other substance are prohibited from entering the Museum grounds. Large items of baggage or backpacks are not permitted on the Museum grounds. Baggage storage is available for a fee in the Visitor Service Centre. The maximum size of backpacks or handbags brought into the Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau does not exceed dimensions: 30x20x10 cm.


Price: 410 PLN / person

The price includes: tour with a licensed guide, entrance tickets, transportation, lunch.

Minimum number of people: 7

Duration: 9 hours 
Pick up time: 8.00

Additional information: We recommend taking a raincoat and a sun hat. 

Flowing through the Pieniny, the Dunajec river forms a curving, rocky gorge of about 9 km. The gorge is surrounded by walls which are a couple of hundred metres long, and whose limestone cliffs blend beautifully with the forests that grow on them. The unique landscape of that area attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world each year, and rafting on the Dunajec is without a doubt the biggest tourist attraction in Poland. A Dunajec Rafting Trip starts at the marina in Sromowce-Kąty, is 18 km long and takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the water level. Rafting takes place on specially adapted, safe rafts made of five canoes. One raft takes 10-12 people at once and is run by two experienced rafters. The Polish-Slovak border runs along the most part of the Dunajec Rafting Trip route. Another attraction of the tour is a visit to Niedzica Castle, built in the 14th century by the Hungarians to protect an important trade route leading through the Dunajec Valley, and related to a remarkable story of the Incas who found refuge here.



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